I asked Donal what he wanted to eat.

He was master of the situation.


I told them to stuff it.

She loves to wear tight clothes.

The victory comes right away if force covers.


She got up early to see the sunrise.


I really appreciate you helping me.

I'm having trouble believing it myself.

Sixty percent of Japanese adult males drink alcoholic beverages on a regular basis.


This file is encrypted.

Get the box.

I still dream about Germany.

We're paid by the job.

I wish we could live in Australia.


We'll come back later.

I know I probably don't say it often enough, but I love you.

Let's not talk about this today.

Did you mean that for serious?

Would you like him to help you?

He is putting all his effort into the service of the business.

Patrice sat near the fire, playing his guitar.

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We've just got to get better.

I get the feeling this will be a good day.

We can't abandon them now.

They drink a lot of lemonade.

I want to tell you one thing more.

The relationship between Herman and Luc seems to me to be the most suspicious.

Please don't make me do that again.

This is how we make ice cream.

I am not carrying any cash.

I'm pretty sure Eric is safe.

The issue turned out to be very contentious.

I experienced a feeling of antipathy towards the speaker.

Your cake is very delicious.

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We were astonished at the news.

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Donna is going to need my help.

No one knew who she was.

There is a serious lack of language teachers in Tel Aviv.


I wish I had the time to stay and talk with you.


Well, I don't think Sara is the sort of girl to bear grudges.


I had trouble making him hear me calling for help.


I paid for these tickets.

He struck his fist on the table.

I would rather go to the mountains than to the beach.

The police have taken Sedat into custody.

What various meanings can you find for the word "satellite"?

Ramsey likes being alone.

Isn't that a little dishonest?

Her hair was unkempt.

Don't stay in bed, unless you can make money in bed.

He carried on with his work although he was tired.

Are you going to cooperate?

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You can't just do this.

Don't kill the goose that lays the golden eggs.

I had a letter from her yesterday.

Pieter got plenty of help.

Guillermo was square.

France and Britain joined the invasion.

Detective Dan Anderson took Linda to the station for further questioning.

Just consider the possibility.

We tried to cheer him up.

Come down, Dick. It is time for dinner.

What's the date?


The bells chimed as the couple left the church.


Emina is a girl from Sarajevo.

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I need to get my oboe repaired.

Check your hat.

He heard the sea in a seashell.

I can't get used to this.

I don't know what it's called.

You're so perfect.

I don't remember mailing the letter.

I am not a conservative.

Girls have a lot more pressure than guys to look good.

Yes! I agree.

Suzanne volunteered to do that.


I've already spoken to them.

I love pizza very much.

I think Lynne is sick.

My house faces the sea.

I don't know where it was.


There are too many bridges in this city.

Roger pulled her knees up to her chest and rested her chin on them.

Emily is a gardener.

Van was desperate to find love after leaving a 20-year loveless marriage.

He's celebrating his name day.

Wilmer looked very old.

He put some sugar and milk in his tea.

You want to go out for a drink?

"Did you see my cat?" "No." "Liar, you're still chewing!"


Waiter, please bring me another glass of beer.


I read about that.

I'm riding with them.

I never dreamed that I would meet you here.

He didn't say so, but he implied that I was lying.

Has Donn called?

My money is running low.

He managed to escape.


How wonderful a time we have had!

You're out of line.

What kind of person would treat their pet that way?

The secret will soon get out.

Everything in this store is overpriced.

The exit flowrate is proportional to the pressure difference around the exit valve.

I don't carry much cash with me.

I'm going to rest, OK?

I have three sons. One is in New York, but the others are in London.


Work never ends, does it?

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I am constantly thinking about her.

When did you hear the sound?

Everything I told you is the truth.

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Maybe Izumi was right.

I'm glad I was able to help.

I've told you this before.

She told him that she had been in love with him.

My sister and I take turns in cleaning our room.

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He is far above me in skiing.

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According to many religions, adultery is a crime.


Sonja has to do a lot of things before noon.

I came back from a long trip.

I want her to see this.

It was the happiest time of my life.

She's my guardian angel.

Laurel is a native speaker of Portuguese and fluent in English and Spanish, in addition to having good knowledge of Esperanto.

He reads a great deal.

Wolf was taken prisoner.

Take as many cookies as you want.

I know that won't happen again.

Jaime turned on the car radio.

You don't stand a snowball's chance in hell.

Are you good at mathematics?

Our school begins at eight-thirty.

I'll pay for lunch.

When changing lanes look over your shoulder and check your blind spot.

Is Kinch really the manager?

It was an awful accident.

What caused you to be angry?

Frank tried to convince Lee to dye her hair red.

Serdar was so kind as to help me.

Where did you kill them?

Is my French really that bad?

I studied in Beijing for three months.

And whoever thinks otherwise gets a chance to think about it for twelve years in the open air of the Siberian woods.

That happens all the time, doesn't it?

She gave him some money.

It's our only hope.

I wish I were young again.

That kitty is so cute!

A hazy cloud called a coma surrounds the comet's nucleus.

A friend of mine is looking for someone who can speak French.

Clay accepted the offer.

Are you wearing lipstick?

He's from the U.S.

I don't think that he cares about me.

What's this got to do with him?

Wait for me outside.

I don't get a lot of requests for that song.


Ron knew that he would win.


Mwa is still in bed.


We used emergency measures to revive the cardiac arrest patient.

You're a member, aren't you?

I think that this will be the last battle of the war.

We all care for one another.

I think you should go.

If I eat any more, I won't want dessert.

What is it that Maria wants to eat?

The seriously injured man was dead on arrival to the hospital.

We were shocked when the landlord raised our rent by $200.00 a month.

She helps you to write it.

Do you really trust him?